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The MRMap software was conceived and developed by Mountain Rescue Team personel in the Lake District (UK). The MRMap software was created to provide Mountain Rescue Leaders and Managers with location information of their team members. MRMap is currently used on a daily operational basis by many teams across the UK and Ireland. MRMap gives Rescue Managers a visual image of where their assets are out on the hill.

MRMap is free for use by Mountain Rescue Teams. While being free it is NOT open source. It is available from the download section of this web site.

A PowerPoint Presentation has been created (PDF Version available too) which gives an excellent tutorial and gives a pretty good indication of what MRMap is capable of is available from the downloads section. Please feel free to use/copy/modify this presentation for your own team.

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The MRMap web site is open to anyone with an interest in the subject area - it is open to anyone to signup and join in and add to the development of this software. Two minds are better than one and all that. Discussion and opinion is welcomed. Tact and politeness is mandatory. If a thread gets locked or deleted or your account gets disabled you will know why. Thank you.