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Joining MRMap

Browsing the website and forum as a visitor will give you basic information about the MRMap project. A large amount of content is only available by subscribing. If you wish to have full access to the MRMap Web Site and full access to all the forums and download areas please go to the main site to Join / Register / Subscribe

There is no charge for subscription!  As mentioned earlier MRMap has been written by MRT personnel for use by MRT teams - for free!

MRMap Questions and Queries

We welcome your questions BUT before emailing the team PLEASE SUBSCRIBE and then view the FAQs, read the handbook and browse the forums. The chances are your question has already been asked and answered! If it has not been answered already the MRMap team can then answer it via the forum and the information is then there for all to see. The main reason for setting up this web site was to try to cut down the emails to the developers - please use the forum to resolve you question - if it is not there please feel free to post a question. Thank you.

THE MAIN REASON FOR BUILDING THIS WEB SITE AND FORUM - was the development team were being swamped with questions and quiries via email. Please please please help them and use the forum and not a direct email!


Rob Brookes
Langdale and Ambleside MRT
and LDSAMRA Communications Project Officer

David Binks
MRMap Developer
Deputy Team Leader and Communications Officer
Duddon and Furness MRT

Russ Hore
MRMap Developer