MRMap 3.6c released

MRMap 3.6c released

Postby David_Binks » Wed Jan 01, 2014 5:42 pm

What's new in this version:

1) Added an option under the tools menu to allow you to export a jpg of the map screen. This can be used to send to the police, added to the SARCALL log (so other teams can see for example a search plan), or any other use you see fit.
2) Individual and group polling now supported for ICOM radios (requires special firmware on the radios).
3) Now supports Simoco radios attached via the internet using AW Comm's TrIP unit.
4) Beta support for Simoco's new digital radios. This is very much in beta and has had very limit testing. The format of the GPS data from the Digital radios will be changing so an update will be required at some point. Radios can beacon (by distance or time) or can be "pinged". Group polling not currently available.
5) The API used to retrieve the SPOT tracker data has changed. MRMap now updated to use the new API so spot trackers will now work again.

I've made some changes to the low level serial port code so there is a slim possibility that I may have broken connection to various radio types. I only have the Simoco radios here to test (and they work fine), so if there are any problem connecting to the other radio types please let me know.

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