MRMap 3.6b release imminent...

MRMap 3.6b release imminent...

Postby David_Binks » Sun Oct 20, 2013 10:47 am

Just doing some final testing on this one, but hope to release very soon.

Whats new:
1) Changed the way the database handles disconnections. It now trys to catchup if the data base connection is lost. This means that you don't loose data if there is an interruption to your internet connection. Also, if you hibernate or standby, then when the machine comes back up, it will automatically catchup. If you have shut down, and restarted then you need to do a manual catchup.
2) GPX Import problems now all sorted (I think!). Can now automatically detect which device the GPX file came from and associate it with the correct radio/phone. (Needs the latest version of ViewRanger to work).
3) MRMap now supports the TRip VOIP device allowing GPS data to be fed into MRMap using this device. Stewart Devlin at Coniston team is using the TRip device to get radio coverage of areas using the internet and it's working well.
4) Bug fix when using BaseFiles that caused the wrong set of maps to be displayed has been fixed.
5) Bug fix that caused the base radio to repeatedly group poll the radios after a base Tx has been fixed - hopefully.
6) Improved the way MRMap connects to radios. This should now be faster and more reliable.

Documentation on GPX import will also follow soon...

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