MRMap 4.1a Released

MRMap 4.1a Released

Postby David_Binks » Sun May 28, 2017 2:24 pm

Change in this version
1) You can now serialise the polling of assets from a setting in the ini file. If you have multiple radios connected to MRMap all on the same channel then polling all the radios at the same time will cause interference stopping the poll working. Set this option to send out the group poll one base radio at a time.
2) Bug fix. Stop MRMap repeatedly sending a group polls in some cases.
3) SDM730 base set now supported. This radio will handle digital GPS data from a SDP660 and SDP760 handsets.
4) Added some ini file settings to allow users to add Licensing information to the map screens. See new ini file for details.

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