Removing Unwanted Maps From MRMap

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Removing Unwanted Maps From MRMap

Postby Rob_Brookes » Mon Sep 20, 2010 11:21 am

A significant number of MRMap users are now trying out the various free maps you can get from Ordnance Survey (and other sources). As a result, MRMap will process these maps using the method Dave has devised to speed up viewing of the tiles. This was an inspired piece of coding and works very well but it does involve some additional files being created and stored on your computer. This is what happens during the 24 hours we recommend you leave your machine switched on after you've added some additional map tiles.

Should you later decide that you don't want to use these maps, you'll find that deleting them from the main 'Maps' folders doesn't stop them being displayed by the program. Whilst Dave is normally on a par with Harry Potter when it comes to code writing, this has a much more mundane cause. The files are duplicated in various forms used by the program but aren't stored in the individual 'Maps' folders. They reside in a folder that can be accessed by entering %APPDATA%\MRMap into your <Start> <Run> option on an XP computer and by entering %APPDATA%\MRMap into the search bar on a Windows 7 machine.

Once you're in this folder you can safely delete anything in it as MRMap will recreate anything it subsequently needs in order to run. You can search for the specific map tiles you want to delete and remove them individually or you can delete everything in there to save you the trouble.

If you choose to delete the lot then you must let your computer recreate what it still needs and this means leaving it running for the necessary 24 hour period.

One thing that's obvious but probably needs mentioning is that before you run the computer for 24 hours, ensure that the unwanted map tiles have been deleted from both the 'Maps' folder they were in and the %APPDATA%\MRMap folder or MRMap will put you back to where you were originally and you won't have resolved the problem.
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