Release of GPS Tracking via mobile phone

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Release of GPS Tracking via mobile phone

Postby Rob_Brookes » Sun May 30, 2010 9:50 am

For those of you who've been harassing me about the mobile phone tracking app being developed by Steve at Bolton MRT, the first (Nokia, anything Symbian, Blackberry OS etc) version has now been released and is available from the support section of this website. Awkward iPhones are still being worked on. Steve has put a lot of work into this so please give him the feedback you've historically given Dave and I for MRMap. Details of how to get the app and contact Steve are on the same web page Believe me, you are far better asking your questions of Steve than of me but I will forward any that I get.

As he points out in his own post, you do need a callsign and server access password for this to work and the callsign is the same numerical system we use for MRMap. In the case of the phones however, there's no radio data noise to avoid so the phones can use the first half of the callsign list allocated to your team numbers 1 to 49, radios use the second half, 50 to 127. You then need to get an access password from Steve. You will need to update your ini file to reflect those team members using phones and MRMap will then display a phone icon instead of a radio in the asset panel.

Stating the obvious somewhat but this tracking system will work from wherever you have a mobile phone signal. It will work when you're next away in sunny Spain. Unfortunately MRMap expects you to be in rainy Britain and so uses British grid references which are meaningless when applied to any other country. However, for anywhere from the Isle of Wight up to the Shetlands, if you have a mobile phone signal then you will appear on MRMap. There are no radios involved in this at all so for the first time you are independent of any rescue base and don't need to know which channel the local team operates on.

At the moment the web server for MRMap isn't overloaded and mobile phones can be removed from the asset list in just the same way radios can so those who don't want to watch where you go, don't have to. Don't worry about the fact that you're only out for a walk, we do need the feedback that can only come from having this app running on your phones. You do need to be running the current version of MRMap, 3.2a, in order for your phone icon to appear but you also need to be using the current version of the ini file that goes with it as there are some additional parameters to edit. Both can be downloaded from this website. If you have any problems setting up MRMap and its ini file then by all means send your queries to me but for operational issues or suggestions about the phone app, please go direct to Steve as he's the expert on this one.
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