Using different maps in MRMap 3.2a

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Using different maps in MRMap 3.2a

Postby Rob_Brookes » Thu May 20, 2010 4:26 pm

As most of you will know by now, it's perfectly possible to use just about any map you like in MRMap if you geo reference them yourself. This geo referencing isn't rocket science, it just needs the OS grid reference for the bottom left and top right hand corners of your map and that's it done. A file is created by the program that contains this information and after that MRMap will calculate the grid reference and latitude and longitude for the cursor position on your new map. In order to enter this information you need to enable a menu option that's normally not available. Change the ini file settings as shown below and the menu option will be available under <File> <Add Map>

; Default=0 (ie don't show the add map button, 1 to enable it.)

Currently MRMap handles the free 1:25,000 OS maps arranged for us by MREW, plus the GetMapping aerial photographs also sorted for us by MREW and now the 1:250,000 'road atlas type' maps available free of charge from the OSGB website. It will also handle the other maps available FOC from the OS site, either directly because they're already 1:25,000 scale or by using the <Add Map> option and entering in the relevent grid references. Down load them from:- ... ducts.html

One of the free map sets available from OSGB is the 1:25,000 'Vector' maps (scroll to the bottom of the OS website page) although they are actually supplied as raster maps which means they are already images (.tif) rather than sets of numbers that create the maps as vector ones normally are. The detail is less than that on the OS 1:25,000 maps we normally use and because they are meant for website background and mobile, PDA, applications, they have a slightly 'washed out' appearance but they are ideal for anyone wanting to run MRmap on a less than ideal computer. They run extremely well on my Netbook, in fact anything that can actually run the basic MRMap application should handle these maps. They also allow a version of MRMap to be run with maps of the entire UK, from a flash-stick without needing one quite the size needed for the standard 1:25,000 scale maps. The total size of MRMap with 1:25,000 vector maps and 1:250,000 road atlas maps for the entire UK is about 4.65GB. Unfortunately it won't quite fit on a standard DVD as they usually only actually take about 4.38GB even though they're sold as 4.7. Such is life.

As the tiles are 1:25,000 scale and 4000 x 4000 pixels in size, they will work with MRMap without any geo referencing being required. Just make sure you leave the folders named as they are downloaded from the website, 'SD', 'NY' etc. You only need the folders contained in the OS folder <Data>, nothing else.
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